Youth camp “PL Camp’17″

21 August 2017

Youth camp “PL Camp’17″ took place in July on an out-of-town recreation center of New Life Church. During two terms 100 young people of 12 to 15 and of 16 to 25 years old had a good time in the camp. Youth ministry of the church “PL Youth” served as coordinators, leaders and volonteers. The first...

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Working with christians around the world

10 August 2017

Missionary team of New Life Church spent 15 days in Mongolia, village Chuluun khoroot. Teams from Russia and Mongolia served along side with the Belarussian team, 136 persons in total. The trip started on the day of the national holiday of Mongolia – the day of independence, when 400 people came together. It was a great...

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New Life Church – 25 years. Anniversary conference

16 June 2017

A celebration conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of New Life Church took place on June, 9 through 11 in Minsk. This event was greatly anticipated and thoroughly prepared. The auditorium of the church was packed, having not enough space to hold everyone who wanted to attend the event. Additional chairs and a screen...

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Kids’ church “+1”. Serve with the gifts you have received

12 April 2017

Kids’ church “+1” is a project started by the ministry “The light of the Gospel” of New Life Church in 2012. Every three months kids from villages around Minsk district where our church has opened Sunday schools are brought to Minsk to New Life Church to sing praises to God, become immersed in His presence and learn...

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Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn ministered in Minsk

30 March 2017

On March, 24 to 26, 2017 Minsk hosted a conference for leaders and pastors and outreach meetings held by the world famous evangelist and preacher LaDonna C. Osborn. It was the second visit of Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn to Belarus. The first time she came to Minsk together with her father Dr. T. L. Osborn in 1996. The significance...

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Conference for pastors and leaders. Teaching about the Kingdom

20 March 2017

On March 10 and 11 New Life Church hosted an open format conference. Pastors and leaders of daughter churches as well as everybody wishing came together for the event. On Friday night senior pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko, opening up the forum, encouraged those who came, “Everyone here will be blessed during these days. Gather...

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Missionary trip to Nepal

30 November 2016

In November 2016 a team of 8 people of New Life Church travelled to Nepal on a mission trip. At the head of the team was regional pastor Maria Semirenko, the leader of missionary ministry of New Life Church “The whole world is in the heart”. The team visited three Christian churches in the capital of Nepal, the city of...

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Action of charity for the destitute

28 November 2016

On November 12th ministers of New Life Church carried out a charitable action for the homeless people who stay in an overnight house. Volunteers brought seasonal clothes, underwear, articles of daily necessity, food and Christian books. There are many disabled people who lay in beds and can’t take care of themselves among...

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Ministry «Pollemona Youth» has turned five years!

22 November 2016

On October 8th youth ministry of New Life Church celebrated its first anniversary. Five years ago a new concept of youth ministry was adopted under the title «Pollemona Youth» which is to add max efforts to make the church vision of leading 500 thousand people in the city of Minsk to Christ to come to pass. This number makes...

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Conference featured by Carl-Gustav Severin

25 June 2016

A conference with world famous preacher and evangelist Carl-Gustav Severin took place on June 11th and 12th in the Palace of culture of Minsk auto factory. The Sweden preacher brought to Belarus the message of God’s love. The forum was hosted by religious association of Full Gospel churches of Belarus. Conference...

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