The testimony of Olga Lobankova: The pain. The struggle. The victory.

8 December 2017

I have been a believer for many years and personally experienced and witnessed supernatural healing. I have always considered health issues as the hardest trial in life. And, of course, wanted that cup to pass me, no matter what kind of health issue it could be. Any sickness is a struggle, a fight with self, with own thoughts,...

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Vyacheslav and Vera Gerasovy: “Happiness entered our house!”

3 November 2017

One day, Vera Gerasova, held on to the faith that God had put in her heart, and decided to change the way of habitual life. Her family was on the verge of divorce, but Vera wasn’t led by feelings, bitterness and resentment, and decided to entrust her family to God. The woman began to pray, believing with all her heart in the...

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Eugene Meleshkevich: The treasure of my life

12 December 2016

From my childhood I knew that God exists. Parents told me about God and taught me to pray. At home we had children’s Bible. On Sundays my dad usually took my brother and me to an orthodox church. I wasn’t excited about that at that time but today I am grateful to my dad for that. In the Bible, the book of Proverbs says:...

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Andrei Adotik: “Don’t play with sin”

23 June 2016

My name is Andrei Adotik. I am 41. I tasted alcohol and cigarettes in my early years. When I was 15-16 years of age I began using strong drinks pretty often and after I had finished my military service I used it nearly every day. With that I didn’t feel it was a problem; all people I knew did the same. Alcohol didn’t...

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Valentina Komyak. The Lord has healed my mother.

10 April 2016

Each of us meets the Lord in a different way. It would be pretty boring had this event happened the same way for everybody. When a friend of mine brought me to New Life Church which happened on May 30th, 1999 I realized right there that I was at the right place at the right time. The thing was that a month before I felt that...

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Ludmila Abramovich. Hope in the Lord

27 October 2015

Over the years of living with the Lord I have come to realize one thing: he who puts his trust in the Lord will never be ashamed. The Scripture puts it this way: “Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame” (Romans 10:11). Sometimes it seems that God neither hears nor sees, that He has no idea about those...

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Tamara Chazova. Faith walk

25 August 2015

You can believe in miracles or not, you can tell about them or keep silence. However, we can find ourselves right in middle of what God is doing. In 2014 I felt nagging pain in the right side of my body. I had no idea what the problem was so I decided to examine abdominal cavity organs. Ultrasonography showed that my gall...

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Marina Lozakovich: “I praise God for the miracle”

16 June 2015

My name is Marina Lozakovich. I believe in God and attend New Life Church from my childhood. I play the guitar and sing in the youth worship team. It’s been three years since I started speed skating. In the 11th grade I had to choose my future profession and I made up my mind to pursue the degree in sport coaching at...

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Dmitri and Elena Mantscevich: marriage made in Heaven

16 April 2015

«It doesn’t matter where you came from. It matters where you are heading». These words of Brain Tracy, Canadian writer, make us think that our past should never dominate over us and rule our life. Today is the time to choose our own unique path and follow it. This is the chief success factor for Dmitri and Elena...

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Tatyana Bas: “The Lord has healed my daughter”

6 January 2015

My long expected daughter Natalya was born due to Lord’s miracle. Before that I suffered three miscarriages but in 1999 I turned to God and began attending New Life Church. When I became pregnant for the fourth time doctors’ prognosis was disappointing. They said I wouldn’t be able to give birth due to many intestinal...

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