Action of charity for the destitute

Action of charity for the destituteOn November 12th ministers of New Life Church carried out a charitable action for the homeless people who stay in an overnight house. Volunteers brought seasonal clothes, underwear, articles of daily necessity, food and Christian books.

There are many disabled people who lay in beds and can’t take care of themselves among those who stay in the house. These people were attended in their rooms.

Volunteers also brought words of God’s love and encouraged these people that God is well able to change their lives for better no matter what they are going through right now. Several believers who now attend New Life Church in times past were regular attendees of that overnight house. But today Jesus Christ has transformed their lives.

These destitute people became homeless for many different reasons such as juridical illiteracy, sickness or even hardheartedness of their relatives. Any help is welcome. For such people Jesus Christ came to earth. And now church is responsible to take care of them, minister to them, meet their everyday needs helping them become full value citizens of the society.Action of charity for the destitute

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