ANNUAL FAITH CONFERENCEOn September 22 and 23 New Life Church in Minsk hosted an annual faith conference organized by Religious Association of Full Gospel Churches of Belarus.

“Healing and equipment in His presence” became a central theme of the forum that invited hundreds of Christians from evangelical churches of the capital as well as all around the country.

In the opening speech bishop of the Association, Leonid Voronenko, assured the audience that it was going be a time of blessing for everyone, the conference was going to become “a healing laboratory for people’s souls and equip them to serve the Lord.”

And indeed, the Holy Spirit moved mightily, expressing Himself through the gifts of healing, prophesy and the word of wisdom. The time of worship interchanged with the time of prayer and preaching. Sermons were simple but deep and anointed by the Holy Spirit.

“God wants us, though there are many different voices, teachings and revelations in the world we live in, to be able to recognize His voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit. He wants us to drink from the pure spring of living water which will bring answers to our questions. This ability comes from the Holy Spirit. Without Him our ministry would become a dead religion,” a preacher addressed the audience.

The preacher urged the Christians to value God’s presence more than anything else in their lives and seek to spend time with Jesus Christ. Only God’s presence changes and transforms us, heals our hearts making them wholesome and gives us ability to make right decisions. Only a Christian flooded with God’s Spirit can bring good fruits of serving people in love, mercy, meekness and power.

Both days of the conference were abundant in prayer. Trained prayer-intercessors ministered to people individually and as a team, creating “a prayer tube”.

The conference presented workgroups and ministries established to demonstrate Father’s love, to encourage and help to receive healing and restoration, to equip Christians to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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