Church service on October 29. Heritage of Reformation.

Skorina BibleChurch meeting on Sunday, October 29th was dedicated to two outstanding events in the world and national history: 500 year anniversary since the day when Martin Luther announced his Ninety-five Theses and 500 year anniversary since Franciscus Scorina published several books of the Bible translated into Belarusian language.

Senior pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko preached on the topic “The heritage of the Reformation”. He presented a brief historical overview touching the times called “dark ages” of the Church history. In details pastor talked about some of Martin Luther’s theses and emphasized the impact the Reformer made on his contemporary as well as on his descendents.Church service

The preacher also touched upon the glorious pages of the national history and mentioned the fact that the books of the Bible translated into Belarusian language by Franciscus Scorina were published earlier than the Bible translated into German by Martin Luther.

“The more a person turns to the Bible the better his life becomes,” – the preacher underlined.

Closing the service the church prayed for the needs of all the people who came to the meeting.

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