Conference for pastors and leaders. Teaching about the Kingdom

worship in the New Life ChurchOn March 10 and 11 New Life Church hosted an open format conference. Pastors and leaders of daughter churches as well as everybody wishing came together for the event.
On Friday night senior pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko, opening up the forum, encouraged those who came, “Everyone here will be blessed during these days. Gather your strength to be at the place where God can empower you. Jesus will never pass you by!”
Conference for pastors and leadersThe main theme of the conference was the teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven. Unlike earthly empires and kingdoms the Kingdom of God is eternal, it has no limits; it multiplies in number and increases in power, authority and influence. The Kingdom’s power is in the Holy Spirit.
Considering Bible verses in depth, a preacher taught about peace and righteousness, essential components of the Kingdom.
Throughout the conference the keynote call was to put God and His Kingdom first and God will take care of the rest.
Closing the last session of the forum pastors and leaders prayed for every participant.

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