December 3d. Sunday morning service. Gods treasury

Sunday morning serviceOn December the 3d, the associate pastor Ilya Goncharenko shared a message with the congregation titled “God’s treasury”.

He read through the second chapter of 1 Corinthians and pointed out the intriguing idea that apostle Paul is stating.

Ilya stated, “God has something special hidden for us, something we can’t even dream about. But it can only be comprehended through the Holy Spirit”.

He went on to compare the treasures of Gods treasury with a powerful engine, that must be used to 100 %, not just partially. We need to passionately desire to get what God has for us in His treasury, take a risk and cross the comfort line that many Christians are limited by. One of the simplest ways of stepping out to get to the treasury is to stop the pattern of only attending Sunday morning services. Enjoying a wonderful church, the fellowship and services is far from the main goal for us as Christ’s followers. God has more for those, who love Him. Are we able to follow the Holy Spirit into the depth? The main tools we can use to reach the treasury is God’s word and prayer. To sum it up, the speaker said, “The life and ministry of Jesus Christ always amazed everyone around. When was the last time your Christian life amazed you? Let us be the real church that pursues the treasures of God’s treasury and reaches towards miraculous. Do you really want it?”

Surely for many this message has become a challenge. Are we ready to accept it?

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