Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn ministered in Minsk

Osborn LaDonnaOn March, 24 to 26, 2017 Minsk hosted a conference for leaders and pastors and outreach meetings held by the world famous evangelist and preacher LaDonna C. Osborn.

It was the second visit of Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn to Belarus. The first time she came to Minsk together with her father Dr. T. L. Osborn in 1996.

Tommy Lee Osborn with daughterThe significance and impact of this event can’t be overestimated. Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn held five powerful workshops for pastors, leaders and ministers of the churches of Religious association of full gospel churches of Belarus.

Unsophisticated though profound Gospel of God’s love, His plan for humanity and every person, of redemption and renewal, of integrity and wholeness of God’s word, of the value of each person for the Kingdom of God, these all deeply touched our hearts.

March, 25 and 26 were marked by Gospel outreaches where many people heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and got healed of various diseases. People left their wheelchairs for the first time in their lives and walked crying for joy.

books as a giftDr. LaDonna C. Osborn faith fully carries on the course started by her parents, well-known worldwide evangelists Dr. T. L. and Daisy Osborn. She proclaims the Gospel on every corner of the earth and encourages Christians in different countries to do the same. During more than 50 years of ministry Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn has visited more than a hundred countries. Through the ministry of Dr. T. L. and Daisy Osborn and their daughter LaDonna millions of people came to know the Lord and were miraculously healed of their infirmities. Books written by Osborns have been translated to 132 languages.

You can watch outreach services held by Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn using the following link www.gospel.by

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