Kids’ church “+1”. Serve with the gifts you have received

Kids’ church “+1”Kids’ church “+1” is a project started by the ministry “The light of the Gospel” of New Life Church in 2012. Every three months kids from villages around Minsk district where our church has opened Sunday schools are brought to Minsk to New Life Church to sing praises to God, become immersed in His presence and learn what God is doing in Christians’ lives in Belarus and all around the world.

Usually lessons are taught by ministers and pastors of New Life Church, other guests or famous Christians, like for instance, Belarusian musician Alexsander Patlis who shared a message in February 2017.

The last in the current academic year meeting of kids’ church “+1” took place on Saturday, April 8th. About 80 kids participated in the event.

Regional pastor Maria Semirenko summarized all that children had already heard at the meetings during the year. The main theme was talents and gifts that God bestowed on every person and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Based on the Bible verse “each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others” (1 Peter 4:10) pastor Maria underlined the idea that for the gifts to work we shouldn’t be selfish but use them to serve our neighbors.

Young Christians learnt that it’s equally important to discover and develop your gift as well as to find your place in the Body of Christ, that’s church.

Following the sermon children had time to share their testimonies of the gifts God had helped them to discover: someone had started to serve in Sunday school, someone had began to write poems, etc. Right at the meeting participants were given a chance to practice new activities: several boys tried on the role of masters of the event for the first time in their lives, one girl the role of photographer. A practical assignment given to release the gifts of the Holy Spirit was a prayer which was to be performed in pairs with a kid you don’t know.

The meeting reviewed the results of the contest of essays “My place in church” announced a month ago. The best authors got their rewards.

At the end kids had time for sweet refreshments and everyone carried home a helium balloon.

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