Kids church «+1»

Kids church «+1»The message: The Lord has given you a gift.

On the 25th of November, another children’s service took place with over 70 young participants from nearby villages.

Pastor Andrey Grinkevich, from Lida town shared a message, and started from handing out “surprise-eggs” (chocolate eggs with toys inside). The kids were excited to get one- not only do they get the chocolate part of it, but they also get a toy!

Andrey then compared, “there is a surprise inside each one of us- our gifts and talents. Very often we ourselves do not even know what kind of gift we carry inside, but the Lord who created us surely does”.Kids church «+1»

The kids found out that their gifts can only be revealed in God’s presence, and that is why it is crucial to have close relationship with God. Moreover, it is important to develop the gifts and talents inside, so that they could be seen to those around us.

At the end, the girls and guys asked God in prayer to reveal them their gifts and to help them develop those gifts. Pastor Andrey assured them that the prayers of children have no less impact that the prayers of the adults.

Kids church «+1»The Kids church «+1» project has been working with children from villages around Minsk since 2012. Not only do the ministers lead Sunday schools in those villages, but also gather all of them every three months in Minsk for one grand service to submerge them into God’s presence and learn more about Him. 

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