Ministry «Pollemona Youth» has turned five years!

2016-10-12molOn October 8th youth ministry of New Life Church celebrated its first anniversary. Five years ago a new concept of youth ministry was adopted under the title «Pollemona Youth» which is to add max efforts to make the church vision of leading 500 thousand people in the city of Minsk to Christ to come to pass. This number makes the title «pollemona» which means “a half of a million”. «Pollemona» is also the name of a café where Christian youth gathers for fellowship and refreshments. Later on the fellowship was extended by the time of worship, sermon, prayer, games and contests. In the new format there is a place for spiritual edification as well as for making friends and inviting peers to join in the event.

Anniversary greetings opened this meeting. A slide show presented photos of different events, retreats, camps taken over the past five years. Following the time of worship the youth were invited to play games, take part in different contests and have some refreshments.

After that the youth pastor Ilya Goncharenko took the floors. In his powerful motivational sermon pastor Ilya touched upon the topic of life purpose. As a biblical illustration he used a life story of Moses, a Jew boy whom God promoted to be the prince of Egypt but who running away from problems chose to be a shepherd. Over 25 years spent in a foreign land Moses got accustomed to his new position and led comfortable life as a shepherd and a father of two children, Ilya Goncharenko contemplated. But Lord’s plans for his life were different. Appealing to Moses out of a burning bush God offered him a new destiny and revealed his true calling to be the greatest leader of God’s people. And when Moses answered that new calling, though not without hesitation, God began friendly relations with him making Moses an eye witness and a demonstrator of God’s mighty miracles.

“Listen, God will find you in your wilderness! Trust, God has a great calling for you. Don’t make excuses, seek the Lord and your life will change as it happened to Moses,” encouraged pastor Ilya Goncharenko.

After the sermon well known singer and author of Christian songs Sergey Briksa took the stage. The musician who now lives in the USA visited homeland to hold a concert in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Hall due to personal 50th anniversary. Sergey Briksa greeted the youth of New Life Church on their occasion and presented a 30 minute program of famous as well as new songs about God’s love.

Long after the celebration was over young people couldn’t leave the place but kept on fellowshipping in friendly joyful atmosphere.

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