Missionary trip to Nepal

Missionary trip to Nepal In November 2016 a team of 8 people of New Life Church travelled to Nepal on a mission trip. At the head of the team was regional pastor Maria Semirenko, the leader of missionary ministry of New Life Church “The whole world is in the heart”.

The team visited three Christian churches in the capital of Nepal, the city of Kathmandu, where they held a seminar of faith, business seminar and a seminar for Sunday school teachers. Our missionaries took part in church services of the local churches, Ray of hope and Living church, where Maria Semirenko preached the sermons titled “Cross exchange” and “Reach your Canaan”. Local Christians warmly welcomed Belarusian team, actively responded to the biblical message and even learned the song “My victory is in Jesus” having translated it into Nepali.Missionary trip to Nepal

Living Church is one the biggest Christian churches in Kathmandu, of about 1500 people. They run the ministry called “The Cry of the Spirit” which is focused on street kids and orphans. The church has two shelters for such kids.

The main emphasis our team put on working with children. They carried out an outreach in slums, visited four orphanages. In a simple way missionaries told children about Jesus Christ, sang songs together, played games and did crafts. Belarusians gave out 300 gifts with daily necessities and candies. Many kids heard the Good News for the first time. The most exciting was turning to Christ of a Hindu couple who run an orphanage of 38 kids. All adopted kids invited Jesus Christ into their hearts.

Missionary trip to Nepal“It was a welcome surprise for me to see adults and children very open and hungry to hear the Good News about Christ. Nepali is a very hospitable nation. Every place we visited was filled with inviting atmosphere of warmth and kindness,” shared her impression Antonina Spiridonova, one of the members of the missionary team and an interpreter.

Though the official religions of Nepal are Hinduism and Buddhism, Christian churches are allowed to hold their activities upon condition that they criticize neither government nor main religions.

“There are a lot of idols in Nepal; you can see their images at every turn. I was impressed to see how sincerely and devotedly Nepali worship their gods. Watching them worshipping I felt God’s great love towards these people. I realized that He deeply loves these lost sheep and is waiting for the time when through the revelation of His sons and daughters freedom and light will come into their hearts,” told Alina Trubach, one of the participants of the trip.Missionary trip to Nepal

Additionally, Belarusian missionaries took part in one meeting with local leaders and another with students in one of the hostels of Kathmandu where a team member Vyacheslav Pikulik shared an encouraging message with the youth.

In every place they visited Belarusians introduced their country and presented a video about New Life Church.

Nepal is a country located in South Asia, between India and China. The ranges of Himalayan Mountains cover more than 85% of its territory. Population of Nepal makes up to 30.5 mln. The vast majority of people live in rural areas, in the mountains. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with more than 50% of people living below the poverty line. The country has a low level of literacy: about 30% of men and 60% of women are illiterate. Most of people embrace Hinduism as their religion and about 10% Buddhism. Following several devastating earthquakes in 2015 resulting in many people died Nepali appeared to be very open to hear the Gospel. Today, according to some sources, about 10% of population, about 3 mln, are Christians.


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