Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”

Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”The annual Pastors & Leaders Conference took place on February 23-24th, the main theme was “Mobilizing the church for the Great Commission”.

Many guests from Belarus and guests from about a dozen foreign countries joined us.

The Senior Pastor, Viacheslav Goncharenko said: “Our gatherings, prayers, readings of the Word, and fellowship are always wonderful and needed. However, it is not the main goal. In Acts 13:2, it says: ‘While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them’. So worshiping, fasting and praying is all done to hear a word from God and to obey. The Lord needs people who not only pray, but do the work He is calling them to do.” Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”

The main speakers were the instructors and the founder of the Kairos Course. Kairos Course is a powerful tool that mobilizes the church for a mission to bring the gospel into the whole world, and to make disciples of all nations. According to statistics, there are over 16 thousand ethnic groups in the world, and 6 thousand of them are not yet reached by the gospel. We have been commissioned by God to reach every nation! Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”

The message was simple, yet practical and powerful.

One of the messages was based on the passage from 1 Corinthians 3:1-9: we need to confirm our unity, value the diversity, take up our responsibility and admit the Sovereignty of God. Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”

Another highlight of the Conference was multiple presentations of the existing ministries in the church that serve the community. These ministries include: serving in hospice, nursing homes, facilities for the handicapped, in the oncology center, hospitals, prisons, in close-by villages, serving the homeless, the orphans, the poor, as well as our mission teams to third-world countries, creative outreach drama club, sports (soccer) club for teenagers, etc.Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”

The leaders of each ministry presented about the work they do and the help they could use.

The common requests were prayer, partnership, financial help, but the most valuable and needed resource is people. The “ministry fair” was a wonderful opportunity for all those who have been wanting to join the great work for the Kingdom. The booths of every ministry were located all over the auditorium, available to give more information, answer the questions and recruit new people. Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”

Another important and trembling moment of the Conference was the ordination of a new pastor and his wife from Czech Republic for the pastoral ministry. Viacheslav Goncharenko expressed his desire and hope to see many more pastors ordained in near future.Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”

The Conference ended with prayer for each of those who were present. It was an amazing time of encouragement, empowerment and impartation. May the Lord bless the work of our hands!Pastors and Leaders Conference “Advancing the Kingdom”

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