Thanksgiving service. December 31st

Thanksgiving serviceAccording to the tradition, “New Life” church welcomed the New 2018 year with a service of giving thanks to God for the passing year. The service began around 10 pm on December 3st and lasted until a little after midnight.

It is indeed a great tradition to spend the last few hours of passing year giving God the glory for all the good that He generously granted throughout the year, and to enter into the new year with prayer and praise. The atmosphere of the thanksgiving services is always special, God’s presence is always felt powerfully.

As usual, the senior pastor and his family got to share their gratitude to God first. They thanked God for a wonderful year, filled with extraordinary events: the family moved into a new house, their eldest daughter Karolina got married, and pastor and his wife went to Malta to celebrate their 25th marriage anniversary. Thanksgiving service

Afterwards, pastor Viacheslav invited forward all the people who received salvation during 2017, since being born again is the greatest miracle in any person’s life.

Many testimonies were heard that night, testimonies of healing, children being born, relatives receiving salvation, of God’s provision for housing, of going on mission trips and many more.

One of the ministers, Andrey Latyshevish wished everyone, “Let God be glorified through your lives in the upcoming year!”

With a prayer of thanksgiving, the “New Life” church entered into 2018, believing that God makes all things new!

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