The outreach Sunday morning service. The manifestation of God’s power

The outreach Sunday morning serviceOn November 26th, the Sunday morning service was focused on praying for healing.

Viacheslav Goncharenko, the senior pastor shared a message titled “the manifestation of God’s power”.

Based on the passage from Luke 5:17 One day while Jesus was teaching, some Pharisees and teachers of religious law were sitting nearby. (It seemed that these men showed up from every village in all Galilee and Judea, as well as from Jerusalem.) And the Lord’s healing power was strongly with Jesus” (NLT), he declared, “We believe in God’s healing power at work!”

People use various methods to help others or to get what they desire. However, the believers must be aware and focused on the most effective method, the method that Jesus used- God’s power. God’s power has no negative consequences.

God can do anything: restore mental health, break alcohol addiction, heal the sickness, restore missing or damaged organs in the body, make the poor rich, etc. These statements he accompanied with numerous examples from the Scriptures and from personal experience.

The pastor revealed what we must be aware of in order to see the power of God at work.Pastor of New Life Church Vyacheslav Goncharenko

We need to:
- receive a word from God and believe in it;
- believe in the power of God and desire it;
- know that fast and prayer give our faith the qualities of a seed, meaning if you fast and pray- your faith will surely grow;
- realize the power of the Holy Spirit living in every believer, and put it to action;
- practice prayer for one another, including prayer with the laying of hands;
- be persistent in faith to the point of self-denial;
- not be afraid to take risks, and to go beyond the religious framework;
- trust God and His guidance.

At the end of the meeting pastor Viacheslav and the church leaders prayed for all who came forward for prayer.

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