Week of prayer and fasting

Week of prayer and fastingNew year 2018 New Life Church has started by a week of prayer and fasting since January, 8 to 12. Church congregation has actively joined in this very important spiritual and prophetic action.

On the first day the week senior pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko gave the prayer a certain direction. “My desire and my prayer is so that our focus was on love. Jesus through his life and ministry showed us that there is no better strategy in the world than love so that we could win people and lead them to salvation,” the pastor said.

He also encouraged the church to keep our hearts pure and let go of everything that darkens our relations with one another such as gossips, condemnation and offenses. Our pure hearts that reflect the heart of Christ is what the Lord is interested the most.

“I do believe 2018 is going to be a special year for our church. God is going to perform amazing things among His people. He is going to manifest many visible things. But the deepest work of His is going to take place in our hearts. Keep your heart above everything else!” pastor Vyacheslav wished to everyone.

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