God is already working through you

Vyacheslav Goncharenko John 11:21-25:

“Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died. But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.” Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.” Martha answered, “I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die”

You all well know the story how Lazarus was raised from the dead. It’s written that Jesus was visiting Lazarus’ home quite often and his sisters Martha and Mary always heartily welcomed him. Jesus loved to be in their house in Bethany. So one day Jesus was told that Lazarus had died. But Jesus didn’t come to visit them until four days had passed. When Martha came out to meet him she said, “If you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Jesus replied, “Your brother will rise again.” Martha confirmed, “I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” Amazing depth is hidden right here. Martha believed in Jesus who had ability to do something in the past but not in the present when she said, “Had you been here when Lazarus was ill, hadn’t you been late and come in time Lazarus wouldn’t have died.” Thus, Martha had faith in yesterday’s Jesus, Jesus of the past.

It’s an amazing fact that the majority of believers in many countries, cities, churches have this kind of faith: they believe in Jesus of the past. They read in the Scripture what God did in the times of the Old Testament, what Jesus performed in the times of New Testament.

Getting back to the story we also see that Martha had faith in Jesus of the future (tomorrow). She said, “I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” Many believers are standing on the word which promises a bright future ahead: they believe in the Millennium and eternal life with Christ in Heaven. Many of our prayers go like this, “Lord, we believe you will provide for us, you will bless us! We believe you will help us!” These prayers address the Lord of tomorrow hoping that something will happen. We are hoping, we are expecting. We encourage one another, “The best is yet to come, brother! Don’t you worry; God will give you what you need. God will send a revival.” We pray about a revival which is to come out of somewhere.

But I am here to tell you that our Lord is not only the God of the past or the future, He is the God of today, of the present. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Almighty God, is among us right now, in this auditorium. He said, “When two or three are gathered together in My name I will be there among them.” It’s so simple and God wants us to believe that. 

Hebrews 13:8:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. 

He is the God of the past, future as well as of the present. We should learn to see Jesus as the God of today who is in our midst right at this present moment. Adopting this way of thinking will transform your prayers, your actions and your whole life. You will become more firm, resolute and determined since you realize that Jesus is here with you right now. “He is here” means that he is going to do something right here. You can practice your faith and watch him working on your behalf. This is a completely different approach.

Look at what the Scripture says before the verse “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”.

Hebrews 13:7:

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. 

You may recall the prophets of times past. God who moved in their lives was the God of today. From our perspective it is in the past but in their times all they performed with God and all God did through them was taking place in their present. For them he was the God of today. For this reason the Scripture encourages: “imitate their faith.” I would rephrase it as follows: act with Jesus today. Jesus is here with you at the present moment, he lives in you. Every believer has Jesus living on the inside of him. And right now he is working in you and through you. Even when you think he doesn’t work he does. By the Holy Spirit he works in every believer.

Let’s recall how Jesus started his ministry. He stood up and read out the book of prophet Isaiah: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” And he ended his speech saying, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Jesus declared that what he had read didn’t happen in the past or would happen in the future. He said, “Now”. When Jesus came he made all God had promised to his people as well as everything that belong to us according to God’s covenant available today, in the present.

The majority of believers are concerned over their own limitations; it seems to them that they are lacking something constantly. It is a problem indeed and it originates in our wrong focusing on own downsides and weaknesses.

The apostle Paul also asked the Lord to remove his weakness. In 2 Corinthians we read, “I was given a thorn in my flesh” (2 Corinthians 12:7). Many theologians have debates on this issue. In their opinion God afflicted Paul with sickness to keep him from exalting above measure. But I suggest we pay close attention to what the Scripture says: “I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.” Who is a messenger of Satan? When you read about the apostle Paul’s life you see how high was his “speed” toward God. The higher the speed the stronger the friction. Preaching the Gospel Paul endured great opposition. He suffered shipwreck, spent three days and three nights in depths of the sea. I can’t even imagine how he managed it. He was flogged by both his own and others. He was exposed to gangsters who threatened him. He lived in the desert, suffered hunger and nakedness. What opposition he faced! These all Paul called a thorn of Satan which was released to prevent him from fulfilling his calling. But in the end he said as a winner, “I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. I have completed everything.” He broke through this and there was a moment he cried in despair, “O, Lord! I am in a hard situation… I wish everything would change.”

2 Corinthians 12:9:

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 

Paul says that he doesn’t consider his weakness to be a hindrance for the power of Christ to be manifested because it dwells in us and is made perfect in our weaknesses and hardships. Haven’t you testified in your personal life that the deeper the darkness gets, the more God supplies and multiplies his grace and power?

Sometimes extraordinary things are beyond our abilities to bring to pass in our life. In such circumstances, we may look defeated but the truth is that we have victory in our spirit. The true victory is when even on the event of having lost a battle or two you see yourself victorious anyway. Satan directs his arrows against us aiming to destroy our spirit. The Scripture asks, if the spirit is broken who can heal the body? Our spirit must be strong. God through his Spirit is constantly supplying our spirit with power that we may stay victorious and live victorious lives in Jesus Christ. Don’t be disturbed by any weaknesses because even in the midst of them you can see God using you.

One of the God’s generals A. Allen was lying in a tent at the point of death. There was another sick man next to him who said to Allen, “I know you. You are that preacher.” Allen replied, “Yes, I am a preacher.” The sick went on, “You can pray for me though you are going through the same thing as I am, can’t you?” The preacher stretched his hand and touched the person. The sick was healed while the preacher died. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Sometimes it’s beyond our comprehension how God can show himself in a mighty way through our weak bodies! God’s power is given for us to set other people free. Many may debate, “I myself need be set free of the problems I face in the first place. Sicknesses put pressure on me. I must deliver myself first.” I have noticed that recovery comes to believers slowly and reluctantly, little by little. Or some lingering chronic developments may take place that it seems no healing is possible. Why do such things happen? I think I’ve found the answer to this question. You may like it too.

I reckon God wants us to overthrow our enemies ourselves. Look how we behave. We expect somebody to come and lay hands on us, pray and fast for us.

I recall a man came to me and said, “My daughter is going through serious problems. I want you to pray for her.” I asked him, “Has there been a time when you, going through similar problems, fasted for three to five days?” He looked at me and replied, “No.” Often we expect somebody to do spiritual work for us. So the reason that nothing is happening may be that God wants us to become mature. He wants you with your own hands and with the power given to you by God’s grace, the power of Jesus of Nazareth, the power of the Holy Spirit to drive Satan out of your life, throw the enemy out of your home!

When I was in South Korea the preacher who had invited me shared his own story as a rich businessman and then a politician. One day he was driving heavily intoxicated and suddenly crashed into a pole or a tree. As a result, one eye became totally blind and a part of his body was paralyzed. He was taken to hospital and doctors said, “We have no idea how we can help you.” So, along comes some young woman who said, “I know who can help you – Jesus of Nazareth. There is power in his name. Cry out to him.” He didn’t know anything. Here he was, coming out of a drunken stupor to find himself with grave problems. She said, “Jesus can help you.” He asked, “Who is he?” The woman replied, “He is the Son of the Lord Almighty. He has all the power on heaven and on earth. He loves you. Call out to him.” And the man began crying out. For hours he uttered one word, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…” He turned his heart fully to Jesus saying, “Jesus, you alone can help me! Help me!” Suddenly his spiritual eyes opened and he saw the spiritual world. He saw an evil spirit, a disgusting demon who occupied and grabbed hold of his body. He recalled, “It scared me first. But then I heard a voice on the inside of me saying, ‘Drive him out in the name of Jesus!’” He began to command the demon, “’Be gone in the name of Jesus!’” He continued, saying that “the demon resisted at first but then finally fled. As soon as he left I began to recover. I could feel my limbs and got my sight back. Now I can see and move!”

Sometimes you wait for somebody to come and cast out a demon that tries to mess with you and spoil your life, somebody who would deal with him. But the fact is that you personally have been given authority.

Luke 10:19:

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. 

What is it “all the power of the enemy”? It’s the devil, all legions of fallen angels, demons, his territory, all manifestations of evil around the world. Every evil there is in the world caused by evil unclean spirits. Jesus said, “I have given you authority to trample all the power of the enemy.” It means you have authority over the one who has bound this world in chains. Isn’t it amazing? But you won’t understand this authority unless the Holy Spirit reveals it to you. Before every church meeting pray the Holy Spirit to open the Word for you. Unless you get a revelation, you will follow the old way of life. A revelation makes the difference.

Deuteronomy 29:29:

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law. 

The things revealed belong to you. If something isn’t revealed you can’t possess it. But as soon as the Holy Spirit gives a revelation on something it becomes yours and you can use it. It’s written that we have been given the authority and since we have it God wants us to learn how to use it. God wants us as his children, his representatives and ambassadors, to use everything he has supplied us with by his grace. Many don’t use it thinking that everything will come around somehow by itself. But Satan has laid a scheme for something bad to happen and you are to learn to be a good soldier, you are to stand against and drive him away.

Just imagine a picture. A policeman gets a call, “Please come! Thieves are breaking into my apartment.” So he arrives, gets out of his car. He has a gun, a holster, a badge and his team. In other words, he has authority. He sees the legs of the robber sticking out of the window. At this moment, the policeman gets out his mobile phone and calls to the department, “I have no idea what to do. The thief has broken inside through the window. What am I supposed to do?” What response do you think he will hear back? The answer probably will be as follows, “Come back and we will fire you! You have gone through training. You have learned martial arts. You have studied as a strategist. You have a gun and you know how to operate it, you have handcuffs. You have the authority. Why are you calling? Urgently, arrest this thief, throw him out of the apartment, put handcuffs on! Otherwise, we will come and arrest you.” This is how a policeman who fails to use his authority is going to be dealt with.

Sometimes going through a situation we act as if we are powerless. We cry, “Lord, what am I supposed to do?” What do you think the Heavens are going to answer? Definitely, you will hear, “We can do nothing about it. We just would like to remind you something of high importance. Do you believe in Jesus?” You answer, “I do.” They go on, “Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?” You reply, “I am.” The next you hear, “So, you are perfectly equipped. Go ahead and drive these enemies away; deal with them!”

Brothers and sisters, I encourage you today: let us stop being powerless! Let us stop looking around in confusion as if we don’t know what to do. You do know what you are supposed to do! It’s written that the devil is a thief, murderer and bandit. You must be aware of his psychology. A thief is a coward, he lives in constant fear of being revealed because he knows as soon as he is revealed he is going to be caught and thrown away. He is going to pay back seven times. He might be put in jail. Whenever Satan intervenes in your life keep in mind that he is a thief, he does it illegally, he has no right. You are a child of God, you belong to the King, you belong to another Kingdom. And this “somebody” broke in with the intention to muddy your clear waters.

I remember a story how Igor Gruzinov and I caught a thief. It happened while we were on holiday in Crimea. We were with our families and some other people from our church. Igor and I watched a suspicious young man of about 25 years old mooching off of people resting under the trees. The sea was splashing nearby. In the time of midday heat people preferred to hide in the shade of a beautiful park located on the shore. Their children napped in carriages nearby. We saw how that thief quietly approached looking around and took a seat near the company as if he were a member of that family. Nobody paid attention to him because everyone was having a nap. Then we saw he began to rifle through their bags, took something out and placed it in his pocket, He looked around a bit and then lay down, pretending taking a nap with the rest of the group. Presently, he pretended to wake up and started rooting around in the bags again.

I told Igor, “Look, he is a thief. Let’s catch him. You go from one side, I from another and when I show you a sign we will swiftly approach him.” He noticed us as we arrived. When we took hold of his clothes he began to break free, spin and wriggle around, “Let me go! Let me go!” To cut the story short, he broke free and ran away so fast that we could help but laugh.

I got a revelation of the thief’s psychology: he is a coward. Satan may have stolen something from you but he is just a defeated coward. For this reason, believers have to know the tactic the enemy uses and launch their own weapon against him. Many believe Satan is powerful and subtle, that you can do nothing against him. But that’s not true! The Scripture says that you and I are in Christ. Do you understand what it means to be in Christ? It means we are hidden in Christ. The moment we got born again we were hidden in Christ. This is how God sees us: we are hidden in Christ. Just think of it. It’s also said that we are seated with Christ in heaven. Satan rules under heaven. You and I are seated in heaven above all authority and powers. We are in Christ which means Satan is under our feet.

Romans 16:20:

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. 

You should know your position: you are not under Satan and his power, though you live on the earth. You are representatives of another Kingdom, the Kingdom that has defeated Satan’s kingdom. How is a defeated kingdom supposed to act? It wouldn’t dare to raise its head because now the authority belongs to another kingdom. Jesus has conquered Satan, Jesus is our King, he is our Lord. Jesus is our Savior. We belong to him, we live in him. We are in Christ. Glory to the Lord! We need to know this fact in order to act boldly.

Sometimes people say, “I have been praying for a long time…” Here is what I believe: because on the cross Jesus Christ completed everything needed for our victorious life and today you, not God, is the one who decides how you are going to live. I believe it! God has let you into his Kingdom and now you are to decide the way your life is going. Keep in mind that God has the best for you.

Let’s recall the story of Joshua and Caleb. These are two men of the first generation who entered the Promised Land. At the time they entered, Caleb was 85 years old. He came to Joshua and said, “Brother, do you remember the time when God promised us this land? And today our feet are standing on it. Now this land belongs to us. I still feel strength and I would like to conquer that mountain. Would you let me do it?” Surely, there were a great number of beautiful places, but Caleb had a desire to subdue that very mountain. He said, “This beautiful mountain belongs to a tribe of giants but I feel I have power, I haven’t grown weak. Though forty years have passed, I am still as strong as I was back then. I have strength and I feel I can do it. I will drive these giants away and will live right there!” What a righteous way of thinking Caleb had. But many believers accept what they have, “It could be worse. At least there’s no war.” This is a fleshly way of thinking. But a righteous way of thinking says that you deserve the best. Caleb advanced and conquered those giants and subdued that land, that mountain.

It takes a battle to possess the best. The more eager you are to inherent what belongs to you, the more you are to fight. The main battles are with “giants” in our mind, that is our fears. But it’s all up to you. If you say yes, God guarantees you will win because it’s impossible to lose when God fights for you. Your diligence, perseverance, faith, prayers and collaboration with the Holy Spirit will cause you to win! Be 100 percent sure the enemies will lose the ground. But it’s all up to you. If you say, “No, let it be as it is,” everything will remain as it is. God won’t bulldoze your ground for you. God commanded the Jews, “You go and enter and possess this land.” But they chickened out because they looked at the giants over there. The same happens to us: sometimes we lose heart. 

But today I want to encourage you so that you keep it in mind. God is moving through you! God is the God of today, not only of tomorrow and yesterday. Walk with the God of today who wants to show himself at this very moment, show himself in your life today. Adopt this way of thinking and you will see your prayers changed, your approach to God’s Word changed, your relationship with people changed. You will surely advance. You are a Kingdom citizen and you have God’s power, love and grace.

I heard a story on how the song “Whose words are you going to believe?” was created. That is a story of a woman who was a worship leader. She was found to have cancer. She got tumors all over her body and face so she was dropped out of the worship group. Her husband left her and her friends turned their backs on her. She was left alone. But the Lord told her, “I am telling you, you are healed!” It’s unbelievable how in the middle of the hardest situation, when it feels almost unbearable God visits you. What do you think he will say? We are used to thinking that he will say something like, “I’m sorry. I have sympathy for you.” We think God will go like that. Or maybe God will say, “Whose life is easy these days?” But is God like a human? The Bible says he is not. A man can go like this. We as humans are used to encouraging people in this manner. But when God comes he says, “I am telling you, you are healed! But you have to choose whose words you are going to believe.” And that woman wrote a song “Whose words are you going to believe?” This song declares: “I am going to believe God’s words.” This song was born of the Holy Spirit. That woman was restored.

God has no bad news for you. He is called the Father of lights and there is no shadow of change in him. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” (James 1:17) God can’t lie, he can’t change, he can’t degrade own standards. He is always true. God calls us to measure by his standards. So we are to shake off our doubts and find a standpoint. Our standpoint should be the Word of God. Like a child, put your trust on God’s promises.

Learn to trust God’s words more than circumstances. Believe his words more than sickness that torments your body, believe despite what it’s screaming in your ears. Then the Word of God will have the job done! It’s never in vain. Believe that Jesus lives in you. This is big. You carry his presence. You are in the center of God’s will right now. We are saved because God wills, we live because God wills. If it was not for God’s will none of us will live. Even a hair can’t drop off your head without God’s will. We are in the center of God’s will right now. God’s will has been accomplished in you because you have become the temple of the Holy Spirit. His dream, his will is to be intimately close with his children. Christ made it possible for us having washed us with his blood. He revived our spirit so that God’s Holy Spirit can abide in us, so that God can dwell in us with his recourses and opportunities. That’s why wherever you go God walks with you because he lives on the inside of you. This is how we should think. Wherever you go, see yourself as a person who carries a treasure on the inside. If you see yourself this way you will see your actions changed.

You may see a person who is going through difficult times or a couple who live in ongoing strife and if your way of thinking is not renewed you will pray, “O Lord, have mercy on them, send them peace!” But you can also declare, “Satan, I forbid you!” Declare with all authority which will drive demons out of that place. You may see a person who is suffering pain and the old way of thinking will pray, “O Lord, help him! He is so miserable.” But if you believe that God is in you you will go, “Satan, I forbid you to torture this person! Be healed!”

Recently I heard an idea which blew my mind. If we believe God lives in us and we have been given his power but we don’t act, don’t lay hands on the sick, don’t preach the Gospel, don’t lead others to Jesus, don’t do good, don’t cast out demons, we accumulate doubts. Examine your own life. If you say that you haven’t practiced your faith for a while, ask yourself why. You will find many doubts in your head and in your heart and before you take a step to make any change you will hear Satan adding more doubts, “Should you really do this?” But you have nothing to be afraid of! If you fail, if what you do seems strange to others and they call it a mistake, don’t even consider it! You might fail in the beginning. But do you know the beginning of people who finally glorified God all around the world, people through whom God saved, healed and restored thousands? They started from little things but they started! They understood that this isn’t a time to wait. In Christianity, there is an idea that you are to wait till something powerful, special comes, a mighty visitation from God, a unique anointing. But if you look in the Scripture, the only time in the New Testament the disciples were told to wait is in the upper room in Jerusalem but as soon as the Holy Spirit came God told them, “And now go, go, go.”

If you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, it proves that the power of God abides within you. God expects actions on your part that you go forward and advance. You may pray and sing songs like: “Come, o Lord, come!” But please realize that God has already come, he is in you right now. When you pray and sing songs expressing the idea: “Lord, please, come and do something! Help me!” it shows that you believe in the God of tomorrow. But how can we believe in the God of today? We are to engage our faith in the present moment and act right now.

Do you remember what God said to Gideon who was full of fears and doubts whether he was going to make it? “You are to go right now with the power that is within you!” If you dare to go you will obtain a rich experience. You will see your mistakes and failures but you will also see your victories! You will begin to understand how the Holy Spirit works and want to develop intimate relations with him to work together. You will find a desire to hear his voice in order to avoid failures. You will accumulate more and more experience and will enjoy a completely different life.

What is going to happen if a person does nothing only prays, “Lord, Lord, Lord…”? Looking back, since you came to Christ how many years have you spent waiting and praying? Today I would like to encourage you to be bold preaching the Gospel, to become more than average believers, to become Christ’s disciples. I would like us to start doing the works Jesus did when he walked on the earth. Every believer is able to do it.

Sometimes it may seem there is a scheme or a system to make it work but, in fact, our main focus should be on the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit. In the Scripture, we see that something happened when God’s people, apostles, were filled with the Holy Spirit and kept on being filled more and more. This anointing will destroy any burden. Even your friendly handshake or your smile can make God’s light illuminate people’s souls. You will see how God uses your ordinary words. You may meet a pretty rough person who is being rude and offensive and may seem like an impenetrable wall which you never conquer. But if you are filled with the Holy Spirit, if you believe Jesus lives in you, if you believe in the God of the present who acts right now then the next moment this person may burst into tears on your shoulder like a little baby telling you how miserable he is and how desperately he needs help. He may grab hold on you and say, “You are the only one who was not afraid to tell me the truth.”

I inspire you, brothers and sisters, to take courage in God, in sharing the Good News, in prayers, in driving out demons, in healing the sick. I encourage you to rise up as warriors of Christ and move forward in his name.

I would like to share an amazing story of parents who came to declare that their drunkard son was destined to be a preacher. Every day he would come home roaring drunk. When your family is in a mess, when you see nothing good in your husband or children your flesh may turn negative and start complaining. But the Bible teaches us to live beyond what we see and remember that our words contain the power of Jesus. And no matter what is going on in the end everything will turn out the way you say. This is what those parents proclaimed about their son, “He is going to be a preacher!” He would return home totally drunk but they would say, “You are a preacher!” Their words would get the man nervous and angry. But they kept telling him that he was going to be a preacher. If somebody asked them, “Who is your son?” they would reply, “He is a preacher of the Gospel.” People would laugh, “Ha-ha, he is not a preacher, we know him; he is an alcoholic.” But the parents stood their ground, “No, we don’t call him that any longer.” And finally, the day came when he became a preacher. Halleluiah! Your words are powerful!

Psalm 81:10:

I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. 

Sometimes you may think, “Where am I to start?” Open your mouth and God will fill it! You may know nothing but suddenly you begin to know and understand because the anointing teaches us. It’s even said that we don’t need anyone to teach us. 

1 John 2:20, 27:

But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth. … the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. 

With no teacher, preacher or a leader of a home group the anointing which is in you will teach you. God dwells in you richly from the moment you became his child filled with the Holy Spirit. So we need to put it into practice and grow spiritually. Spiritual growth is very similar to physical growth when a child begins to realize that he has hands which he can use to pick up something and put it into his mouth. The process of coming to understand that he has hands and he can use them is the process of growth and development. In exactly the same way you can start coming to understand what you have in the Lord.

The Bible says that we have the mind of Christ. I have read preachers’ opinions of what the Scripture says: “… we have the mind of Christ”. They write: “In order for you to have the mind of Christ you should be this and that and have this and that.” They make it way too complicated. Fleshly thinking is inclined to see the God of tomorrow because it’s not in touch with him right now.

But it’s said that we have (present tense) the mind of Christ. It is not talking about the future. We have the mind of Christ right now. What is the mind of Christ? It’s thoughts of the Holy Spirit who can guide you every day. Don’t throw out every thought that comes into your mind as if they were all nonsense. These can be thoughts of Christ about your life. These can be God’s ideas. We come through many situations because we possess the mind of Christ.

Brothers and sisters, use what you have been given by God’s grace. Use your hands, feet, the mind of Christ, your heart, your tongue. Use words and many other gifts you have been given by the grace of God. You will start maturing because you see God performing right now. Your life is going to be extremely interesting!

When you pray, God works through you. When you worship, he works through you. When you are telling others about Christ, he is working through you right there. When you are laying hands on the sick, he is already working through you. When you command an evil spirit to leave, he is working through you right there. As you help your neighbor to settle some tough questions, it’s God working through you.

He causes your heart to overflow with love. Had he not, you wouldn’t care about these people and their problems. But why do you think of them? It’s because God is working through you. The love you feel for others is the love of Christ. Your human love won’t be enough to love the way you do. When you are helping your neighbor, serving this person, it’s God working through you. When you are touching another person, it’s God touching him. When you are raising children in the knowledge of the Lord, it’s God mightily working through you. When you are reading the Word of God, God is working on the inside of you. God never stops working, he is working, working, working. He is working today.

See him working today. It’s not important just that he worked in the past and is going to work in the future, but also that he is working right now. For this reason, we have to come to understand that God sees us as his tool of righteousness in this world.

We need to become bolder in what we do: in laying hands, casting demons, preaching, sharing the Gospel with our neighbors, close and distant. We should become more courageous because Jesus, in whom we believe, is not only the Lord of yesterday and tomorrow but the Lord of today as well.

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