Andrei Adotik: “Don’t play with sin”

Andrei AdotikMy name is Andrei Adotik. I am 41. I tasted alcohol and cigarettes in my early years. When I was 15-16 years of age I began using strong drinks pretty often and after I had finished my military service I used it nearly every day. With that I didn’t feel it was a problem; all people I knew did the same. Alcohol didn’t prevent me from getting professional education and finding a job. I can’t recall being seriously on booze; it’s just that alcohol became a part of my life and I was not going to do anything about it.

In 1996 in one of the evangelic churches in Minsk I said a prayer of repentance in my sins. Since that alcohol consumption decreased though still was going on. “So what, Jesus drank wine,” I reasoned, never saying no to a glass of beer on a hot day.

In the church I met my future wife and in 1999 we had a wedding. Now we have two sons of 15 and 13 years old. After we got married I attended church less and less and final stopped. Nevertheless I never stopped considering myself a believer though my life was nothing different from my unbelieving friends’. The only difference was that from time to time I told them about God including while partying.

Despite my actual backsliding the Lord kept on knocking on my heart and in 2005 I resumed going to the church. At that time I began to realize that alcohol became a problem which should be addressed to. I felt very embarrassed when people who knew I was a believer, could see me in a state of intoxication though for a long while I was not able or, perhaps, willing to do anything about it.

One day something happened that turned my whole life around. On March 8th 2009 after celebration of Women’s day together with my relative I was so drunk that I barely made it home by 11pm. My wife was in another room already sleeping. That night I woke up having been touched by God’s presence. I opened my eyes and saw a shadow figure next to the window. I recognized Him at once, it was Jesus. He was looking straight into my eyes; I was looking at Him. Great fear occupied my heart. I was so terrified that my legs began to beat and then my teeth. “Bam! Now you have caught it at last! Game over!” I thought and recalled the Bible story of the king Belshazzar who saw God’s hand writing on the wall: “You have been weighed on the scales and found deficient”.

I realized God came to pronounce judgment over me. It seemed Jesus didn’t turn His eyes off me for a long while and then spoke three words: “You discredit Me!” At that moment the vision disappeared. What happened made a great impression on me. I sprang to my feet, threw myself to the floor facedown and began screaming to the Lord to forgive me. It didn’t bother me that my screams could wake up my home folks and neighbors. The only thing I was concerned of was so that God would forgive me and have mercy on me.

Next morning I found a desire in my heart to urgently get rid of any mess. Very thoroughly I started to clean my apartment: washed the floor, wiped the dust, put things were they belonged. Only over a month I could share what had happened with my wife. We threw away all items which could remind me of alcohol: wineglasses, bottles etc. I warned people I knew that from that time on no one allowed to drink alcohol in my apartment, neither we nor our guests. After that some “friends” got lost, disappeared somewhere.

After Jesus visited me I completely lost the desire for alcohol. And more than that, several times when a problem would arise I habitually tried to think of alcohol but couldn’t even move to go to a store.

It’s been 7 years since then. In 2014 I joined New Life Church. Our relations in the family which suffered a great deal due to my alcohol abuse, improved. But the main thing was that I was set free from sin of that addiction. I know what the fear of God is and I thank Jesus for His mercy on me.

As a result of what I gone through I can confidently say: to play with sin, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is deadly. Don’t put at risk your eternal life!

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