Dmitri and Elena Mantscevich: marriage made in Heaven

Dmitri and Elena Mantscevich«It doesn’t matter where you came from. It matters where you are heading». These words of Brain Tracy, Canadian writer, make us think that our past should never dominate over us and rule our life. Today is the time to choose our own unique path and follow it. This is the chief success factor for Dmitri and Elena Mantscevich, heroes whom we would like to introduce to our readers. They are not people of great wealth, fame and power, but ordinary people; ordinary and happy. These are people who honor God and trust Him their dreams and desires. These are people who have decided to comply with what God has in store for them.

In 1993 when Elena was 20 she was introduced to New Life Church. She remembers that day very clearly. Preacher’s words, simple but very profound, touched the very depths of her heart. When the minister invited people to the platform to pray, the young woman made a quality decision and came forward. Touched by the Holy Spirit in prayer she couldn’t remain standing. Since that moment her life was never the same: she felt she had been made pure on the inside so she couldn’t follow the former life style of smoking and drinking alcohol. Her old life passed away and all became new.

Dmitri met God when he was 17. He worked with a construction company by that time and learned “male habits” of smoking and drinking. He used to smoke one and a half packs of cigarettes per day, never less than that. One day his co-worker confided that he had begun attending a church of Living God. While they were talking, Dmitri sensed strange warmth deep down in his soul. The next day he recognized that the desire for smoking had gone and it didn’t come back for 3 weeks! Dima asked his co-worker to take him to that church, one conversation about which took his addiction away. It was New Life Church. In Dima’s words his first time in the church made him feel as if he was washed clean by warm water, he was born again, his thoughts became pure.

A few weeks later he noticed a young woman coming up front for prayer. That minute he heard in his heart two words: “It’s yours!” Right there he didn’t know that her name was Elena. A few months later Dima was called to military service and for two years he had no thoughts about that woman but from time to time he lifted up prayers to the Lord for his future wife.

When the time in the military was over, Dima returned home and got actively involved in ministry as a part of technical team of the church. And again he saw that same girl he spotted several years ago. Elena sang in the church choir. No “spark” of love fired up their relations, they were just friends. Over the time Dima’s interest to Elena started growing with something inside telling him that she was predestined for him. And finally one day he proposed marriage to her.

This proposal took Elena aback, especially since Dima was three years younger and she never considered him as her future husband. But something restrained her from making a sharp refusal,  all the more so as she had been praying for quite a few years asking God to let only her future husband propose to her. She took some time to think it over and asked God to make a miracle as a confirmation of His will. And He did, so Elena said yes. The young people got engaged and three months later became husband and wife.

Thus, the story of this family had a quite extraordinary beginning: it looked like that wasn’t their initiative to choose each other but God Himself made the choice for them and answered their prayers. The day after their wedding God created another amazing thing. Walking downstairs with her husband Elena stopped suddenly for a moment being overwhelmed by unusual sense of warmth. Right there she felt deep love for her husband supernaturally enter her heart. “Darling,” – she called out her husband, – “you have no idea how deeply I love you!” Dmitri turned around; his eyes were glistening with tears, “I was longing to hear these words from you!” And the couple embraced.

18 years of marriage have passed and today Dmitri and Elena can remember only one crisis they faced 7 years after their wedding. It was when Dima got offended that Elena hadn’t yielded to what he thought was right. He left the apartment, slamming the door behind him, switched off his phone and drove away to a remote place. When he got out of the car he turned to God in prayer. The Lord filled him with peace and revealed that no argument is worth damaging relations with Elena. A few hours later Dima returned home. He apologized to his wife for being rough and together they made a quality decision that they will never ever let any arguments destroy shalom of their family. “Since then we began spending more time talking and revealing each other our feelings and emotions. We chose to follow biblical rule which says: “Don’t let the sun go down with you still angry–get over it quickly,” – Dmitri recalls.

Dmitri and Elena have three children. Their oldest daughter Tatyana is pursuing a degree in the college of architecture and construction, and she also teaches in Sunday school. Their middle son Daniel goes to high school and attends the “Pastor’s Mantle” school for pastors. And the youngest son is a second grade student.

The Lord has performed many great things in the life of this family: He has healed their children and provided for their needs. When their oldest daughter was born doctors diagnosed her with muscular dystrophy. Six months later the doctors reversed their diagnosis due to the absence of symptoms. It is just one of many instances when their faith in Almighty God Who can do all things worked out. Should the family have a need, the spouses would bow their knees and lift up prayers asking God for help. And He always comes through for them.

The greatest miracle God has done for Dmitri and Elena took place in their hearts. It is untouchable and invisible; no human could teach them this. It is not a subject that you could learn in a classroom or in lectures in university or somewhere else. The only place to learn it is at the Jesus’ feet – in time of prayer and fellowship with God.

The fact that over 18 years of marriage their unity was tested only once can be also considered a miracle. As Dmitri and Elena said they were full of ambitions and so different that if it wasn’t God their marriage wouldn’t last even a year. Along with love the Lord has granted them wisdom, patience, ability to forgive and pay no attention to each other’s imperfection. Life in peace, love and harmony, when it’s a highlight of the day to come home and enjoy each other, all of these is a result of God working on their hearts. This is an instance of marriage made in Heaven.

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