Ludmila Abramovich. Hope in the Lord

Ludmila AbramovichOver the years of living with the Lord I have come to realize one thing: he who puts his trust in the Lord will never be ashamed. The Scripture puts it this way: “Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame (Romans 10:11). Sometimes it seems that God neither hears nor sees, that He has no idea about those hardships we are going through. But it’s not true. The Bible says: “Does he who fashioned the ear not hear? Does he who formed the eye not see? (Psalm 94:9). He deeply examines all we do to extend a helping hand to all who put his or her trust in Him. I know it firsthand. Now I would like to share my story.

In 2015 I turned 60; I am married and we have two fully grown sons.

On January 31, 1994 I got turned to Jesus Christ and became a Christian. Since that time my heart found peace and comfort. Back then my sons were 18 and 14. My husband worked for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1995 there was a chance for us to get a two room apartment but it required that we got divorced. When my husband presented me with that idea I turned it down immediately but added that the final decision was up to him and if he wanted to get divorced he was free to do it but in that case there would be no point of return. I heard that many families had used that option as the way to solve their accommodation problems. After some time they had their marriage registered again and continued living in the new apartment. Of course the offer was very appealing: a two room apartment with no efforts and financial investments. But I didn’t want to become a hypocrite in the eyes of the Lord if I would have accepted that crazy scheme. I perfectly realized that marriage was a God’s idea and it is holy. Nobody and nothing can break marriage union. I said to my husband that my Lord is the God Almighty and He is able provide for us in due time.

The time was passing by; our oldest son got married. Having no a separate apartment became a problem. They stayed at mother-in-law’s place for a while but it didn’t work out well so they had to return to live with us. When their child was born living together in one apartment became unbearable. They even thought of getting divorced. My husband would constantly remind me of the missed opportunity which would have solved our problem. In order to preserve my son’s family I suggested we rent an apartment for them.

But it caused a new problem to arise – the rent appeared unaffordable for them to pay due to little income they had. By that time my husband got retired. Lack of financial provision was blamed on me as well as unstoppable reproaches that we still had no apartment for our son. It was a hard time for me. Nothing else was left for me to do but to put my hope in the Lord. I poured my heart out before Him asking for help in our need. Quite soon we were able to improve our financial wellbeing.

One year followed another but the accommodation problem still remained. At times it seemed there was no hope left. My faith level fell down up to zero, grumbling followed by repentance, then grumbling again. But over the years we were able to pay for the rent, thanks to our dear Lord. God’s invisible hand provided for us all the time and it was impossible to ignore.

In 2009 our son found another job which paid him much better. His family improved financially. He was included in the list of people who suffered accommodation problems and after 5 years he received a favorable offer – an apartment in complex “Mayak” 60,8 square meters for 70 000 dollars. They invested 10% of the initial payment; the construction company covered 25 000 dollars as a bonus; the rest was financed with a loan for 15 years at a very low interest rate. It was a real gift! I knew the Lord is faithful and He is never late.

And again we had to make a choice: either to wait till the time is favorable to collect money necessary to furnish the apartment or to trust the Lord. In my prayer time I told the Lord, “Since you, my God, have given us this accommodation will you not provide an opportunity for us to complete it?” Peace which filled my heart brought the knowing that everything was going to be fine. It turned out exactly as I felt and in late June this year my son’s family moved to their own apartment.

Though these 20 years of waiting were not an easy thing for all of us; but neither mine nor my son’s family had to go hungry or with no clothes over the years. Every day I saw God’s support and care for us. During these years though being in need, we have been helping others. The Lord has taught me to think of others. It’s truly great to be able to see a need your neighbor has and meet it even if it comes at your own expense at times. Joy fills your heart when you are able to assist someone thinking of nothing in return. Trust, patience, giving, all of these is what the Lord teaches us to. I give thanks to Him from the bottom of my heart!

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