Marina Lozakovich: “I praise God for the miracle”

Marina LozakovichMy name is Marina Lozakovich. I believe in God and attend New Life Church from my childhood. I play the guitar and sing in the youth worship team. It’s been three years since I started speed skating.

In the 11th grade I had to choose my future profession and I made up my mind to pursue the degree in sport coaching at university of physical culture. I began active preparation for exams. I also underwent medical examination where doctors detected mitral valve prolapse in my heart, which is when the left ventricle contracts the leaves of the mitral valve sag into the left atrium and because of that certain amount of blood gets into the atrium. Commonly this sickness goes through several stages, in my case it appeared the initial one. Obviously, the diagnosis put under question (threatened) my university entrance as well as my sport involvement in general. University doesn’t except people with such diagnosis because professional sport puts serious pressure on heart which may sharpen (escalate) the problem and an initial stage may swiftly grow into a dangerous condition. The news hit me and my family really hard; we had nurtured the idea to enter university of physical culture and achieve some results (a success) in sport for a long while. We felt confused for some time and didn’t know what to do. I had someone tell me about the disease, its complications and possible consequences which frightened me a lot.

I shared my problem with my friends from the church. All together we began praying for healing. I honestly believe and sure that when Jesus Christ died on the cross, He took all my sicknesses and weaknesses. Some time later ministers of our church found out about the sickness. We joint our faith and kept on lifting up a fervent prayer to God. We declared that no disease has authority over me. I know there is nothing impossible for God that’s why one day I chose to commit that situation into God’s hands because I myself could do nothing about it. I sincerely put my trust in God and relaxed.

With God’s help I finally managed to enter the university but after a year of intense physical training when I had to undergo medical examination I felt a bit anxious. Fortunately, all test results appeared within the norm but one more test was left. I prayed it go well and God might perform a miracle. Doctors carried out an ultrasound examination of my heart. Right there I asked the doctor, “What does it show?” She replied, “All is well, no trace of prolapse at all.”

This news became a gift from Heaven to me making that day the happiest in my life! I left the doctor’s room leaping for joy. On my way home I praised and thanked God for the miracle He had made for me. I shared my joy with my family and friends who kept me in their prayers all that time. The news of my healing cheered up not only me but everyone who prayed for me. This miracle has strengthened my faith in the living powerful and Almighty God the Father Who loves us, sees our faith and answers our prayers!

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