Tatyana Bas: “The Lord has healed my daughter”

Tatyana and Natalia BasMy long expected daughter Natalya was born due to Lord’s miracle. Before that I suffered three miscarriages but in 1999 I turned to God and began attending New Life Church. When I became pregnant for the fourth time doctors’ prognosis was disappointing. They said I wouldn’t be able to give birth due to many intestinal adhesions. But in spite of it my baby was born completely well and I thank God for that.

When my daughter was 15 unexpectedly a trouble came. One day all of a sudden she felt vomiting and sharp headache. We tried to stop it with what we knew how but on the third day Natalya felt much worse and we had to call for ambulance. Her physical condition was horrible: her limbs turned blue which was a sign of abnormality in blood circulation. In the hospital ultra sound examination showed that all lymph nodes had gotten bigger in size. My daughter was assigned to an intense care ward. Doctors told us that her dynamic was positive but she had to spend at least a week in the intense care. I asked the church to keep us in prayer and God helped us again: the next day Natalya was discharged and taken home! Ultra sound examination showed lymph nodes got back to norm and she felt much better.

In several days the symptoms resumed. In prayer a verse from the Bible popped up in my mind ”… ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full” (John 16:24). After that all symptoms disappeared and my daughter was completely healed without any medicine.

Doctors never made a final diagnosis of my daughter’s condition though it doesn’t bother me because one more time I was convinced that there is nothing impossible for my God.


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