The testimony of Olga Lobankova: The pain. The struggle. The victory.

Olga LobankovaI have been a believer for many years and personally experienced and witnessed supernatural healing. I have always considered health issues as the hardest trial in life. And, of course, wanted that cup to pass me, no matter what kind of health issue it could be. Any sickness is a struggle, a fight with self, with own thoughts, a challenge of own beliefs and a testing of faith.

It all started about ten years ago. I would occasionally get pains in my left knee, but the pain was not unbearable, and I did not pay it much attention, crediting it to high heels and fatigue.  However, in the last two years, the situation changed. The pain in the knee became worse and the illness was progressing. I could not sit at the desk for too long anymore, couldn’t effortlessly go up or down the stairs, couldn’t exercise, the pain was piercing. Lastly, the pains started bothering me during the night.

What did I do it this situation? In the beginning I ignored the problem. When the pain increased, I started proclaiming the Word of God, praying together with my husband, writing prayer requests to the church. Nothing happened. I was upset, not understanding the reason and what to do next. I consulted with a trauma surgeon, but it did not help much. The doctor told me to do all kinds of tests and X-rays, and to expect the worst. The phrase “expect the worst” painted a picture of me on the operating table. One day, I also saw a young woman with a crutch at the store, it was terrible. I chased off the thoughts of having the same fate, and constantly reminded myself that God loves me and wants to heal me. But where was the healing? I was exhausted fighting the doubts and thoughts from the enemy.

One autumn evening I sat down on the couch, put my knee up on my husband’s lap and said: “Please give me a knee massage, otherwise I’ll cry because of the pain. I cannot stand it any longer…” My husband Alexander started massaging my knee and praying, as he prayed, he declared a simple verse from the Bible: “They shall lay hands on the sick, and they will be well.” At that moment a real fight was going on in my head, “This is useless…but I will keep believing anyway! But I have prayed a thousand times, and nothing changed…but God is my good, loving and merciful Father, etc.” It seemed like I was trying to win an argument with myself. I was sitting quietly, tears running down my face. Deep inside I decided to hold on to God no matter what it would cost me.

Suddenly, the pain started to decrease, as if I took good painkillers. Just knowing that at that right moment, the Lord was touching my knee and healing it, gave me the most pleasant feeling. It seemed as if I was sitting on my Heavenly Father’s lap, in the cloud of His love. It’s hard to describe the feeling I had, but something like melting on the inside. In less than a minute the pain was absolutely gone. I started bending my knee, going up and down the stairs. The only thing that was left was the crackling at times, but it went away within a couple of weeks. The joy was overwhelming!

There is so much gratitude in my heart, thank you, Father!

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