Vyacheslav and Vera Gerasovy: “Happiness entered our house!”

Big familyOne day, Vera Gerasova, held on to the faith that God had put in her heart, and decided to change the way of habitual life. Her family was on the verge of divorce, but Vera wasn’t led by feelings, bitterness and resentment, and decided to entrust her family to God. The woman began to pray, believing with all her heart in the scripture, “… you and your household shall be saved.” Vera’s husband, Vyacheslav had a very hostile attitude towards God and the church, but one day the Lord knocked on his heart. The couple began to attend church meetings, read Bible, and pray together. Soon their children Nastya and Yan joined them. Gradually, God changed their relationship, habits and characters. The moment came when they realized that happiness had entered their family!

Vera: During the twenty-three years of our Christian life, we have seen God’s glory and victories on multiple occasions. The healing of our marriage was the first miracle from the Lord. Another great miracle is that today we have eight children in our family: two of our own and six adopted kids aged 7 to 14. The Lord inspired us to accept and adopt children who were abandoned by their biological parents. At the time, our own kids grew up, and we felt like something was missing. One day, the Lord gave us a revelation through a Bible verse from James 1:27, ” Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” The decision to adopt was not sudden or hasty. For about five years we have been thinking, dreaming, planning, and praying. And for some reason, there was always an inexplicable joy about the whole thing. All this time, God strengthened our faith through sermons that we heard in the church, and though social advertising. We began to visit orphanages, get acquainted with children. We were very impressed by the fact that in the 21st century the problem of orphanhood is so urgent.

Vyacheslav: I was shocked to see that kids in the orphanages didn’t know that a banana must be pilled before eating, they would start eating it with a peel when we brought them bananas, and fourth-graders couldn’t do simple math and didn’t know the multiplication table. When we took them to supermarkets, they acted as if they have been living under a rock had not seen anything at all before. Despite all the difficulties, we do not regret our decision at all. On the contrary, we learn a lot from our adopted children, just like they learn from us. For example, they have a chance to see what a loving communication between parents looks like. When I embrace my wife, they look at us with big surprised eyes.

Recently, we did an experiment in our family called “Encouraging through Love.” Artyom, who was never a good student, suddenly brought a good grade from school. I embraced him, hugged him, kissed him, and put him on my lap. The next day, he came again with three excellent grades. And now he is doing his best to brings only good and excellent grades.

Vera: We see God’s help in everything. For example, once I became a mother of six, our income drastically decreased, since I could no longer work; but the Lord took care of us and began to bless my husband at work. Two years in a row, God has provided a summer vacation in Bulgaria for us. It’s a miracle! It’s hard to remember when prior to adoption my husband and I had a vacation together. Now we have a new dream: to go to the beach with all our children.

Vyacheslav: We want our children to see for themselves and fully feel what the sea is. They saw hardly anything in life and only now they have a chance to open their eyes and discover. For now, it is only a dream, financial-wise it is challenging to take such large family to the beach. But we fully trust the Lord to provide for it.

Vera: And we see how the Lord heals our children. Previously, each of them had some kind of diagnosis: enuresis, psychosomatic and other disorders. One of the boys, Maxim, was taken to the hospital with bronchospasm almost every month. We prayed for healing, and now our adopted son hasn’t been hospitalized for over a year. The health of other children drastically improved as well.

Vyacheslav: God does miracles that we could never even imagine! And He can do anything!

Vera: Through it all we see the hand of God and try to make our children see it as well. We pray over our children every morning before they leave for school. We also pray together every evening, either my husband or I start and then every child also prays in his own words. After that, we read and discuss Bible together.

We try to instill in our children the love for our land, for Belarus. It is very important for me to raise patriotic feelings in children, to help them love the country where they were born. Also, we always pray for their biological parents, although some of them do not know their parents at all.

Vyacheslav: In everything rely on the Lord, properly prioritize the way of your household. Life is full of situations when you just cannot go without wisdom that comes only from above.

Prepared by Irina Lukanina

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